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About Me

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, my name is Carmen van Straalen and I live in Te Awamutu, a town in the Mighty Waikato region of New Zealand.

How did I end up here? I have always been a city girl, living in Auckland for over 20 years and even doing a stint in London. However, from an early age I always said I was going to be a farmer’s wife and so that’s what happened - be careful what you wish for, the Universe is always listening! My husband and I share our home with 3 cats, 2 dogs and LOTS of cows. Any spare time I get I try and hit my yoga mat, take the dogs walking on the farm or find a quiet spot to read.

My journey to Coaching

For 30 years I worked as a Legal Assistant and I loved it – no two days were ever the same. I got to share with clients their happy times (buying their first home) and also their difficult times (losing a loved one or when a relationship ended). I also got to work with some very talented people who had a passion for what they did.

I worked for a number of firms over the years ranging from New Zealand’s biggest to a small rural one, there wasn’t an area of law I hadn’t worked in, I pretty much knew my job inside out, it was easy and familiar, it was safe and a big part of the incredibly comfy comfort zone that I was living in.

Then I started hearing people talk about reiki. I was interested to find out more so I booked my first session. I was hooked. I came away feeling calm, centered and my energy levels were amazing. I needed to find out more so studied reiki level 1 and level 2 and qualified as a reiki practitioner. In February 2023, I went on a gained my Reiki Masters certification.

I soon discovered that an important part of any reiki session was the chat with the client at the end. I discovered that by giving clients the space to work though what had come up, they then knew how to tackle the situation. They had solved their own problem.

Coaching seemed a natural fit with reiki and so I signed up to study holistic life coaching through the Mind Body Food Institute in Australia. I loved their holistic approach to looking at people as a “whole” and also their focus on the mind/body connection.

My journey to where I am now has been amazing and it’s still evolving. I can honestly say, hand on heart 3 years ago I would never have thought I would give up my safe, corporate job to be a mindset coach. But here I am. Doing it.


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