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We Each Have Our Own Song to Sing

So lockdown happened again.

We’d been here before, so I knew what to do, and pretty much did what I did, last time around. In between working, I walked the dog, baked, had drinks with friends over Facetime and watched Netflix. I also spent a lot of time in my “zen room”. I couldn’t help but notice that when I looked at my vision board, I just wasn’t “feeling” it any more. I had in fact partially covered it over with other stuff, so that was a clear sign, it was time for an update.

For this vision board I wanted it to be more about words and phrases that would keep me focused going forward. This board wasn't going to be about any specific goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. This is the fabulous thing about visions boards, there is no real right or wrong way of doing them. What’s most important is that what you’re including aligns with what you truly want and feel, in your heart of hearts. For example, you will never see pictures of trainers or the phrase “I want to work out more” on any vision board of mine – that just doesn’t align with my soul’s purpose. 😊

With nowhere to be, I settled in for the day. I grabbed my Happenz magazines (truly beautiful magazines focused very much on being mindful and zen), made a coffee, got comfy and just let my intuition guide me. I’m not going to lie, I got easily side-tracked with the articles and beautiful pictures. I also had a constant battle with the cats who just felt the need to either sit right in the middle of the magazine, or sleep directly on my work-in-progress board.

I snipped, ripped, cut, read and then I saw it…

“We each have our own song to sing”

That little statement smacked me right in the forehead. This was now the focus of my vision board.

So why did this statement have such a big impact on me? Like anyone in business, I had Googled, and Facebook stalked other life coaches. What were they doing? Was it better than what I was doing? What qualifications did they have? Oh my god they had more followers than me so they must be better than me....yep imposter syndrome thoughts here we come!

For me, this statement was a not so gentle reminder that I needed to stop focusing on what others were doing and just focus on being me. After all, what was so wrong with me, just being me? This was also a reminder to embrace my uniqueness, what I was offering to my coaching clients was going to be completely different to what other coaches were offering. While I’m sure we had all learnt very similar things in our respective courses, our approach to coaching was going to be unique to us. Comparing what we offered and how we approached coaching was actually like comparing apples to oranges.

So, for the rest of the year, my focus is going to be singing my own song. I am still working on what that song sounds like (it's definitely not going to be in tune) but hey, that’s all part of the fun.

"You have to be unique and different, and shine in your own way"

Lady Gaga

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