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What do you value?

Now there’s a question to get you thinking. I have a Deadly Ponies handbag which I love and place a high value on, but I also value my clients, friends, family, loyalty and fairness.

So, what are they?

Our values (or core values) are the beliefs and principles that guide us through life and are deeply personal and unique to us. They are shaped by our upbringing, culture, experiences, and personal growth and whether we are aware of it or not, they play a big role in how we make our decisions.

Sometimes in life, we can find ourselves at a crossroads, facing choices that will determine our future. This was me when I had to make the decision to either stay in the corporate world or take the leap into the world of holistic healing.

This was a huge decision for me as I would be leaving behind the security of a regular income. I talked to my husband, as any decision I made had an impact on him and I also listened to what my intuition was telling me. I also thought a lot about what I valued (and I’m not talking handbags) and I realised it was getting harder for me to turn a “blind eye” to the unfairness that I saw playing out in the office. It was becoming obvious to me that my values (fairness being one of them), were no longer aligning with the firm’s. It didn’t mean that theirs were necessarily wrong and mine were right, they were just different.

As soon as I took my values into consideration, the decision-making process became easier. I evaluated my options and felt happy about the decision I made. I also knew I had made the right decision, as during my three month notice period, I never once thought “holy crap, what have I done!” The decision felt right and fit in with my long term goal of being a holistic healer.

Our values not only influence our individual decisions, but they also shape our relationships with others. When we know what our values are, we attract and connect with others who share similar principles. These people are our tribe. Quite often if you find a relationship difficult, or you can’t quite work out why there is always conflict, it could be that you are operating with different values. For example, take someone that values the comfort of routine trying to tie down someone who values spontaneity…. how is that going to look?

Our values are very much a part of our identity and are there to guide us through life. Understanding and knowing our values allows us to make decisions that align with our most authentic selves. Living as our authentic selves also equals a happier person.

So, if you’re unsure what your values are, get in touch as I have an exercise which can help you figure them out.

Much love

Carmen x

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