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My Tribe

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We humans are social creatures. We operate at our best when we feel we belong. Back in our cave dwelling days we lived in tribes. It provided us with security and safety and if we got cast out or separated from the tribe, our life expectancy was greatly reduced. Although we no longer live in caves, we still love the connection and being part of a group or a tribe.

So what does my tribe look like?

I have to admit I am very bias about the people in my tribe. These are the people that I have connected with and they all add that little bit of sparkle to my life. Some of my tribe have been with me for over 20 years, while others have been recent additions. Some members of my tribe I talk crystals, oracle cards and all things spiritual with, while others bring the fun and silliness … and then there are the others that just love a good glass of Rosé and a girlie catch up… which come to think of it, is most of them!

(Just a few of my tribe)

So being new to running a business and working on my own, I knew that I couldn’t do this alone. While I knew I already had an amazing tribe who supported me, I had to bring in reinforcements. So I joined my local Venus networking group (

Early one Wednesday morning I eagerly set off to my first meeting. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and put me at ease but as I sat there, listening and sneakily looking around the room, the imposter syndrome thoughts kicked in… umm what was I doing here? I am brand new to this business thing and here I am thinking I can network with these amazing women. Holy crap had I wandered into the wrong tribe?

Being a coach (and having worked with my own coach), I could recognise a limiting thought a mile off and thankfully knew better than to listen it. So I joined up and now consider these women part of my tribe. They have been incredibly generous with their time and sharing their knowledge with this businesswoman who still has her training wheels very much still attached.

With lives constantly changing I have lost tribe members along the way too. I am a firm believer that people come into our lives and cross our paths for a reason, more often than not, to teach us. So to all those people, thank you.

James Clear who wrote Atomic Habits ( writes “Nothing sustains motivation better than belonging to the tribe. It transforms a personal quest into a shared one”. So whether they like it or not, ALL of my tribe are now on this journey with me.

There will be days when I need to talk blocked chakras and grounding and there will be days when I just need a glass of wine and a vent. Quite honestly I would be lost without my tribe and I probably don’t say this often enough, but I appreciate every last one of you being in my life!

Carmen xx

p.s. I’ll keep you posted as to when the businesswoman training wheels have come off!

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Paula Ann Hendy
Paula Ann Hendy
Aug 07, 2021

Our tribe has had so much fun over 20+ years! So blessed to be friends with you all. Best wishes spreading your magic, Carmen.


Very lucky to be part of your tribe !! All the best Carmen, can’t wait to watch you help people better themselves, take alternative roads and follow their dreams 🌸💜

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